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Canada is a large country, the second largest in the world.

It extends from the Atlantic ocean in the east to the Pacific ocean in the west, from the border with America in the south to the arctic ice field in the north.

It is a land of few people with many different climates are the maritime, continental, mountain and arctic.

Due to its size, it is best considered by the tourist by its states and Provinces. Canada Accommodation in Hotels and resorts - Information

In the west, bordering the Atlantic ocean are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
These three small Atlantic states have a moderate climate with many picturesque ports around their coasts although the sea has strong tidal currents. It is estimated that the tide at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy over a 24-hour period is almost the same the flow of all the rivers of the world.
Further north is Newfoundland and Labrador.
Off the coast of Newfoundland are the Grand Banks which used to be visited by the cod fishing fleets of Portugal, Spain, Britain and France.
Newfoundland has a wet' mild maritime climate but Labrador being further north has long cold winters

On the gulf of St Lawrence is the French speaking Province of Quebec with Quebec city and Montreal, both on the St, Lawrence waterway, being the main cities. It is the largest Province in Canada being three times the size of France.
The north has permafrost and is part of the Canadian Shield. Further south are the St Lawrence lowlands and the Appalachian Mountains to the south.
It is an area of water which form the northern and southern borders together with more than a million lakes and rivers in the Province.

Canada Accommodation in Hotels and resorts - Information
Further west is Ontario which has the country's capital of Ottawa and extends from the Great Lakes to Hudson's Bay in the north.
Toronto--Ontario's capital and Canada's largest city, is in the south of the state in an area which developed with the coming of the railway.
The north is cold and poor agricultural land and sparsely populated.

Travelling west come the Prairie states of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The main city of Manitoba is Winnipeg with Alberta having Edmonton and the oil city of Calgary.
There is a continental climate, with great temperature extremes with very cold winters and warm summers.
Part of the Rocky Mountains are in the east of Alberta which includes peaks rising to over 3500 metres and stunning scenery.

Canada Accommodation in Hotels and resorts - Information
On the Pacific coast is British Columbia, a mountainous state which share The Rockies with neighboring Alberta.
The Pacific coastline is mountainous with many fiords that have been carved out by glaciers. There are also many islands offshore.
Vancouver is the biggest city with the capital being the town of Victoria.
A cruise up the protected 'Inside passage' from Vancouver to Alaska followed by a tour in a hire car into the Rockies is an excellent way of seeing the west coast of Canada.

In the cold north are Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut where the usual transport is the float plane.
This area can be divided into two regions, the taiga, a boreal forest belt that circles the subarctic zone and the tundra, a rocky Arctic region where the cold climate has stunted vegetation.
It is an area of lakes on which 'ice roads' are built each winter on which heavy lorries carry the food and equipment to the many camps extracting the mineral riches.

Text from Wikitravel Canada where additional general information can be found.

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